Erotic Art


Monsters and Maidens

"Oh… There you are… We have to be really careful here… There are monsters and aliens looking for sexy girls like me… I'll peek in the site if you'll protect me from them… Hold on tight… There are several categories to choose from. Each holds sexy women at the mercy of a monster or alien. From alien abductions to fantasy swords and sorcery these hotties don't stand a chance. The erotic art galleries draw you into this artist's scary world. The pictures are really cool. An alien sample sprouts tentacles and the female doctor studying it finds those tendrils wrapped around her nipples. shivers… That looks like it might be exciting...

In the fantasy gallery these hot women are dressed to show their wonderful bodies. The sexy poses are enough to attract any monster in the area. There are galleries with monsters enjoying helpless victims. These erotic pictures will definitely heat you up. There are adult comics to enjoy. Can you imagine being captured by aliens with evil designs? One poor pilot babe finds out the hard way she's a tempting target. In this series of pictures, you see her getting ready to get into her craft when she's hit with a green beam of light. Her clothing burns away leaving all her soft curves exposed… Oh… I suppose your hand can go there… shivers… The lady's fate is sealed in a medical laboratory at the mercy of the evil aliens.

There are one page comics that give you all the details you need to enjoy the twisted fates of the hot babes. In some twisted experiment, Sheri finds herself helpless before a hideous blob monster. An implant in the beast's head makes it want to breed with the poor girl. Her arms and legs engulfed in its fungus-like body, her body is helpless to fight as it shoves its thingy into her sex. Oh… That's so scary… but it's hot too… There are other adventures with big breasted Sheri. Join this dynamic site and you're sure to see beautiful women at the mercy of monsters that have no mercy. Ohhhhhhhhhh… That does feel good… I should go now… I hope to see you again soon… Bye Bye…"


It's All Coming Together!

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