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Welcome to Monsters & Maidens, another fine Erotic Illusions site, presented by the artist, Furball!

Monsters, mutants and maidens, oh my!

Rarely fully clothed, but always exceptionally beautiful, Furball's maidens find themselves at the mercy of whatever twisted whim seeps into his depraved imagination.

What's inside Furball's brain?

Beautiful women with gorgeous tits, long legs and luscious lips at the mercy of the varied appetites of a myriad of vile creatures. Snake-like tentacles writhing, slimey gelatinous blobs oozing, hungry tongues smacking against pink flesh, malevolent aliens experimenting on abducted women... ...and tons of stuff just too weird to describe. The one common factor in all his artwork is the women: Whether they are struggling within the fetid claws of some strange being or simply lying on the beach, they are all big-breasted beautiful babes.

Trained in graphic design and working profesionally in the field for over 15 years, Furball ( not his real name ) became increasingly frustrated within the mundane confines of his particular line of work. An outlet was needed. Using a variety of illustrative techniques, Furball began creating images of fantasy women, often with them in some sort of erotic peril. Some Poser and Bryce images have been included in this gallery but he now mostly sticks to a unique drawing style evolved over time ( and still evolving!) A few of you may have seen some of his delicious women in danger within the pages of DarkThings and XenoMaze. Some of those luscious characters will be making guest appearances inside his gallery in the clutches of some vile thing or another...

BloodWine Productions Bitchtown

Preview pictures are provided for your enjoyment and to help you make an informed decision. They are not free of copyright so please respect this artist and do not distribute them to others. All images copyright 2005 Furball


Monsters and Maidens
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